Crypto Professional Technology
Redefining The Matrix World

Now Here's A Sure Way To Get The JUMP On Your Competition & Start Making More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Crypto Professional Technology is an online peer to peer automated donation system with exquisite compensation benefits  built for the welfare of the community. Cryptoprotec has it's main goal set to provide member earning without any fear to loose money or getting scammed over internet. Cryptoprotec is a network based platform managed by the an Elite, Successful and Experienced group of administrators.

By joining our network everyone gets to share and enhance each other’s lives in a more convenient and effective way. So now with Cryptoprotec, the most reliable and accessible platform, you have a better future with high hopes and more freedom! Join now to make a difference for yourself and others.

We make it our top priority to deliver world-class quality program and services to all our customers worldwide, and our mission to make these program a part of their everyday lives. What sets us apart is that these program is complemented with a dynamic Compensation Plan that rewards you for selling and referring our products and services, and empowering others to do the same.

A sustainable business and the lasting power of true residual income are within reach for every member who develops and practises the disciplines of REFER, REPEAT, RISE, AND RETAIN engaging the How It Works Process, REGISTER - QUALIFY, AND ACTIVATE.


Here’s How it Works!

To Start Your JOURNEY

Purchase Position (0.003 BTC)
To QUALIFY Account

Refer & Refer (2 Minimum)
To ACTIVATE Your Account
(Fully Company Force)

Ever Been In A Matrix That Stalled? That's NOT Going To Happen Here Because We've Taken Measures Against That!

Our unique matrix system keeps working continually to ensure our members are in a positive position pocketing profits periodically (Daily/Weekly/Months). With program longevity planned in advance, and stealth tactics included in our compensation plan, Cryptoprotec is formulated to continue to grow and prosper over time.

Are You Getting Excited About The HUGE Potential For Higher Income?

Are you starting to see just why our program is quickly becoming so popular? It's because our members are active promoters who aren't afraid of making extra money online. In fact, the rewards are so good at Cryptoprotec, you simply need to signup to see them for yourself!

With Cryptoprotec, we celebrate the Stars, we recognise their belief, passion, enthusiasm, and achievements. We use their stories to inspire and motivate others to do the same, for there's always room in the sky for more Stars. 



The Ultimate Success Plan!!

Get To Know How To Become Successful With Crypto Professional Technology


Cryptoprotec has four earning streams that every Paid member can fully enjoy. These includes:

Main Matrix Earnings: These are the earnings Paid members enjoy as they go through the Stages and Levels of the matrix whether they have referred people or NOT (You can still earn even without referrals as new people are joining everyda. Just secure your position before someone takes lead). You can check the payplan for the earnings one recieves per levels and stages.

Instant Referral Commission: The system instantly rewards any member (Paid or Free) who are able to recuit or bring people into the system 0.001 BTC per person ($3 Approximately).

Instant Matching Bonus: The system rewards a recruiter again when his or her referral complete Executive Diamond Stage (0.02 BTC)

Partnership Earnings: Anybody who completes Cryptoprotec enjoys 5 account each in W.W.M (3×3 Matrix with 3 BTC payout) and BTC-SA (25 BTC Payout)


1. Bronze Stage (2x2): This is a 2x2 Matrix Plan with 0.003 BTC Total Payout when you complete (Investment Back). It has two levels named Bronze Stage Level 1 and Bronze Stage Level 2. 

2. Gold Stage (2x2): This is also a 2x2 Matrix Plan with 0.01 BTC Total Payout when you complete it. It has two levels named Gold Stage Level 1 and Gold Stage Level 2.

3. Diamond Stage (2x2): This is also a 2x2 Matrix Plan with 0.5 BTC Total Payout when you complete it. It has two levels named Diamond Stage Level 1 (payout here is 0.01 BTC) and Diamond Stage Level 2 (payout here is 0.477 BTC). One enjoys 70 new accounts called Re-Entries in the Bronze Stage account automatically when he or she complete this Stage to continue earning process over and over again.



Basic Key Features Of The Matrix

1. Low Entry Fee 0.003 BTC

2. Combination of Short Matrices With Huge Earnings (0.5 BTC) - 4 In 1 Matrix

3. Multiple Re-Entries (70) making it Super Fast.

4. Free Members Referral Commission (0.001 BTC) and Matching Bonuses.

5. Trusted Administration - 3 Admins withGreat 14 Assisting Co-ordinators (Great Recruiters Promoting the Business Everyday)

6. Total Automated Payout into your Wallet with Instant Position Purchase Activation.

7. Fully Company Force - System does the placement of referrals automatically leaving nobody behind on conditions of new members Joining. It doesnt mean no recruiting but you will get downlines when is your turn even if you have not brought anybody (It take time to get to your turn so we have to work together as a team and promote).

8. Full Live Chart Support, Facebook Group, Chat Groups, Facebook Page, Telegram Group, WhatsApp Group, Training and Presentation Group.

Now it's time to take the most important STEP.
Click the JOIN button above to complete the signup form (Ensure to see your UPLINE'S NAME before you SIGN-UP.

We can tell you now that we've made it very affordable for everyone that sees this offer to signup immediately without breaking the bank! But you'll need to act fast to secure your position before someone takes LEAD..... 

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